CONTENT! Get It Done Day - Tues 30th April 2024

You have all the ideas and dreams of putting out more social media content or sending more emails to your community... BUT when do you actually make time to GET IT DONE?

This Get it Done Day is a small group ACTION day.

Only 16 spots available in total!


👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ Welcome to the content day 
(in alphabetical order, cause why not?)

EM • LF  SR • TB

12 Spots remaining (at 13th April 2024)


Work live with me, Adina, and a handful of others to:

  • Set your Content Creation strategy
  • Set your Content Creation plan
  • Hone your workflow
  • Create together, live - lots of the day will be dedicated to creating content, right there and then
  • Get feedback and share ideas


Live & active on Zoom

Tuesday 30th April 2024

11am - 3:30pm Sydney Time (AEST)

30 min break during the day - 4 hours of us 'on' together


Who this is for:

Neurodivergent Business Owners.

How many people can register?

Only 16 spots available in total

Can I bring my whole team?

You are welcome to attend solo or with 1 other team member (no additional charge)

What if I can't attend live?

Don't register for this event - you're welcome to email [email protected] to get on the waitlist for future dates

I'm not sure if I qualify for 'neurodivergent'?

You are welcome if you choose to identify as Neurodivergent (any flavour, whether 'neuro-questioning', self-identified, or formally diagnosed)

What kinds of content will we cover?

Whatever channels you're using or plan to use - including: Podcasting, Emails (newsletters), Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc


You are welcome to participate in any way you chose: video on, video off, a mix. Sharing out loud, sharing over chat. You may get most out of this day if you are prepared to interact and communicate through most of the day. If you want to passively listen in, this may not be the Get it Done Day for you.
Please let me know any accessibility wants and needs that I can be aware of to help you get the most out of the day.


When you register you agree to:

  • be supportive, non-judgemental and helpful towards others.
  • keep other members' information confidential, so that we all feel safe to share openly within the group setting


Who is hosting this?

Adina Levy, Autistic ADHDer, business coach, speech therapist, content creator etc etc! Learn more about me here.

$199 AUD

  • Refunds not available due to limited spots available for this day
  • Registration can be transferred to another person (you manage payment and advise Neurodivergent Business Coaching & Consulting) until 15th April 2024
  • Privacy Policy can be viewed at: