Aligned Business Workshop - Sat 22nd June 2024

Over 50% spots are sold! Register soon so you don't miss out!

Live on Zoom - 10am - 3pm Sydney Time (AEST) 

Perth: 8am - 1pm

London: 1am - 6am

New York: Friday 21st 8pm - Saturday 1am

Los Angeles: Friday 21st 5pm - 10pm


Register if you can say YES to all of the following:

✅ I'm a business owner (or I'm about to be!)

✅ I identify as Neurodivergent (any flavour, whether 'neuro-questioning', self-identified, or formally diagnosed)

✅ I can attend the full Workshop live on Zoom

✅ I'm ready to challenge my own thinking and beliefs about my business within my life

✅ I will be supportive, non-judgemental and helpful towards other members

✅ I will keep other members' information confidential, so that we all feel safe to share openly within the group setting


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$300 AUD

  • Refunds not available due to limited spots available for this workshop
  • Registration can be transferred to another person (you manage payment and advise Neurodivergent Business Coaching & Consulting) until 10 days before the Workshop
  • Privacy Policy can be viewed at: